Thursday, December 16, 2010

Craft Fair - part 3

To start with today I’d like to show you the gorgeous work of three friends who came together to form Naas Handcrafters.

Ruth Teskey (Tel 087 2604946 created -

Beautiful crocheted hats.

and fab jewellery. I thought these necklaces were stunning in the beautiful colours Ruth had used and she actually crocheted the wire in making the necklaces.

Deirdre Mellon (087 1273122 created -

A beautiful soft scarf in such a yummy colour.

Wonderful crocheted and knitted bags which were felted.

Beautiful jewellery

Sharon Spendlove (Tel 086 6067726 created -

A gorgeous floral scarf

Lovely soft cosy scarves and cowls

Now it’s time to move on to some patchwork. I spent ages and ages looking at Mary McCann’s (Tel 086 2470285 fabulous quilts. Mary teaches patchwork and I’d say it would be wonderful to attend her classes.

Mary and her daughter Gina

Feast your eyes on these beauties

This is a log cabin quilt that Gina is working on at the moment. If you click to enlarge the picture you'll see that she has placed a little sheep at the centre of each block - so cute! I love her fabric choices with the mix of pine cones, little hens and bees.

I tried to get around to take photos of as many stands as I could but unfortunately didn't get photos of three of them - felting, bog oak and knitting. If anyone else has taken photo of these, I'll add them at a later stage. Of course I forgot to take photos of my own stand but sure you know the kind of things I make anyway! I had hoped to do some knitted pieces and some fabric ornaments but I just ran out of time. In the end I made cards, gift tags, corner bookmarks, gift boxes and packages of magic reindeer food (my best seller, lol!). If I get a chance I'll take photos of some of what's left but it mightn't be anytime soon - I've to try and catch up with getting my Christmas shopping done!


Barb said...

Hi Heather! I still have to get my shopping done too! Love the photos today! Especially the cozy scarves and pretty jewelry! I really wish you would share photos of the things you made too! Maybe after the holidays are over? Please? Hugs to you!

Lin said...

Thanks for all the lovely pics, Heather! I really enjoyed the quilting booth the best, (of course) Would have liked to see yours, too. What a great thing to be able to support these people and do your Christmas shopping at the same time!

Rosemary said...

it has been so much fun getting a chance to see all the wonderful handmade items that were for sale. again, thank you so much heather for sharing with the rest of us!!

Nat said...

wow, awesome pics, love love love these hats and quilts :)just beautiful!!have a great day :)

CinnamonSally said...

Thanks for taking all these wonderful photographs Heather, I love looking at all the crafts. At some point I would like to have a go at a few of these! In January I am going to a patchwork class which should be fun!

Trinh said...

Such beautiful handcrafted pieces! I love the knitted hats & scarves and can imagine how soft they are. Thanks for sharing!

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