Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Craft Fair

Well for the past while I've been busy busy with organising and making stuff for a local craft fair. As always, it was brilliant get to meet and chat with the crafters and see what their creative minds and hands have produced. I also managed to squeeze in a little Christmas shopping at the fair too!

So I thought today I show a little flavour of what was available at the fair. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get photos of all of the stands but have provided links to a couple of other exhibitors towards the end of the post.

First up is Sharon Spendlove (Tel 086 6067726 who works wonders with fabrics and created this cute teddy and beautiful bags.

Deirdre Mellon (087 1273122 made these adorable fabric decorations and gorgeous felted handbag.

She also made the sweetest little baby booties.

Ruth Teskey (Tel 087 2604946 always amazes me with her fabulous ideas and designs and this year was no exception. I just love these!

Next up is Sandra Petitfrere (086 8583832) who had fantastic handmade bags and paintings. I'd love any of these bags

and absolutely loved this painting by Sandra.

Anne Casey ( had painted glass using gorgeous vivid colours as you can see here. I was very tempted to buy something from the top shelf for a purple loving friend in Minnesota but was afraid it might break on the journey.

Paddy O'Connor's (Tel 085 1408941 work is always a pleasure to look at. Among the many items he had on display were these lovely clocks,

pens and pen holder. Did you spot the fun glasses holders in these photos?

Paddy had lots of company at the fair including his cute grandson who was admiring the amazing spinning wheel that Paddy had made.

Virginia McNceill ( created these cosy and oh so pretty items. They'd be perfect for the cold spell we're going through now!

Roisin Monaghan made these beautiful bags. I think she used her Big Shot to make the flowers on her fabric bag - so pretty!

Lorraine Kavanagh had lots of beautiful knitted and crocheted item including these cuties.

From Naas Photography Group we had John Rapple (087 7671736 and Paul O'Rourke (087 7057250 They had fabulous photos and I have to apologise to John and Paul as my photography skills are lacking and my photos don't do justice to their work! You'll get a better idea of their work on either their Facebook page or website.

I really loved John's photo of the snowy old cottage below and he had another fab snowy scene with swans on a local lake - pity I didn't realise my memory card was full when I took that one!

I love Paul's photo of one of my favourite spots in Glendalough

and this gorgeous photo of a local canal with autumn putting on its glorious display of colours.

It was great to meet the Byrne family again at the craft fair. Becky Byrne (Tel 085 7665871 created these gorgeous flowers and I love that the funds she raised are going towards the publication of her nana's book.

Jackie Byrne (Tel 087 9514757 made some gorgeous necklaces and felt work,

while Becky and her dad Martin (Tel 087 2077582) had gorgeous photos on display.

Also at the fair were Cliona Kelliher, Purity Belle with yummy scented candles and Lisa Skidmore, Feelights (087 2153439) with the cutest handmade handbags and dog bandanas.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to organise the Christmas Craft Fair next year but was delighted when Becky Byrne kindly volunteered to run it next year so that the fair will continue on - thanks again, Becky:) I hope you enjoyed your trip to the fair and that you have a great crafty weekend!


CinnamonSally said...

Oh my goodness Heather all these items are stunning, so many talented crafters!!! You didn't show a photograph of your stall, I would love to see what you made!!

Maureen Morton said...

Ah, Heather! I am so glad that this is still such a successful event! What lovely things - each beautifully made! I would have loved to have been there. Holiday fairs just don't do well here - too many cheap things from China are available, I fear. You are so kind to share these lovely pix.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Thanks for sharing all the fair photos, Heather - so many lovely things! And yes, this purple loving friend adores that glassware. I will enjoy the photo time and again. So I'm hoping you'll post what you made - amazing things, I'm sure.

Virginia L. said...

Thanks for sharing the craft fair photos! They look absolutely fabulous! Wish you a beautiful Christmas Season, Heather! HUGS!

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