Thursday, January 6, 2011

Women’s Christmas and Christmas cards from friends

The 6th January, the feast of the Epiphany, is also known here in Ireland as “Nollaig na mBan” or Women’s Christmas. Traditionally on this day men are supposed to do the housework and cooking while women have a lovely relaxing time. Sounds great doesn’t it! The custom dates back to years ago when men never did any housework and were never expected to either. Well thankfully that all changed quite a while ago and most men do their fair share around the house so to be honest I don’t leave my hubby to do everything (nearly but not quite everything!) today.

Today is also the day everyone takes down their Christmas decorations and Christmas cards, so I suppose the men could have a bit of a busy time of it, lol! Even though it’s a bit after Christmas I just thought it would be a good day to show you the wonderful Christmas cards I was lucky to have received from friends I've met through the Hero Arts Flickr group. I’ve linked to their websites so you can see more of their wonderful creations.






Thanks so much ladies for these wonderful cards which I’m going to bring to my part of the playroom now. So all through the year I’ll still have a little bit of Christmas to enjoy in my craft space!


Deirdre said...

Congrats on your HA win... knew it was a winner as soon as I saw it.... you are sweeping the boards with your wonderful creations at the mo. HUGE congrats to you. Dee

Barb said...

What a fun tradition to have the guys do it all! Love that idea! (hee, hee) Wonderful cards from friends, Heather!

Lin said...

This was an interesting post, thanks, Heather! And I enjoyed seeing the beautiful cards you received. And one last thing - big and happy congrats on your wins this week with that gorgeous vellum wreath! It is a stunner!

Tiffany said...

Oh Heather! I would love to have your holiday over here, everyday!;) Sounds really good to me! Love the beautiful cards from our lovely group of crafting ladies!

Dawn said...

lovely cards from your friends and well done with your win today... that was a stunner!!!!

CinnamonSally said...

Great cards Heather, lucky you!! Big congratulations on your HA win, your wreath was a real stunner and a definite winner in my eyes!

Suzanne C said...

What lovely cards Heather. Thank you for showcasing mine. I thought you would like the pleats as you sew and it would be fun to do it with sewing. :) I loved your wreath and was so happy to see it win over at Moxie fab and HA! YEAH!!!!

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